You are not so Smart

You Are Not So Smart is a book about all the wonderful ways you delude yourself every day.

The book isn’t just a hard copy of the blog. There are plenty of new topics and lots of exclusive-to-the-book content.

You could use a healthy dose of humility, and inside this book you’ll find new entries on topics like priming, expectation, confabulation, apophenia, normalcy bias, the fundamental attribution error, and many more along with expanded chapters on topics from the blog.

With each new subject you will start to see how unaware of how unaware you are. You will soon realize you are not so smart, and thanks to a plethora of cognitive biases, faulty heuristics and common fallacies, you are probably deluding yourself minute by minute just to cope with reality. That’s ok though. We’re all in this together, and these are our shared mental stumbling blocks.




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